5 Tips to Utilize Your LinkedIn Profile to its Fullest Potential

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LinkedIn is a large platform for finding jobs, being noticed, and building your network. It’s a very important online profile that can help you get the gig you’ve dreamed off. Try these tips to get job recruiters to find you and hire you!

Have a visually appealing profile – Choose to get your LinkedIn profile noticed. First off, create a public profile URL that’s professional and easy to remember. Think of it like your email – you want a person to view you as someone who’s serious and mature. Secondly, add a headline that focuses on your objectives and goals and give a quick summary of your skills. This is one of the first things that recruiters will read other than your name. Lastly, make your profile clean and easy to read. You can arrange, add, and remove sections of your profile to fit your needs.  Use bullet points to describe your previous job tasks. Recruiters spend seconds reviewing your profile so make their jobs easier so you stand out more.

What you can’t fit in your resume, put in on your LinkedIn Profile – Since you’re trying to fit all of your successes in a single page for your resume, add detailed skills and experiences onto your LinkedIn profile. An online professional presence is just as important as your resume. Make sure you make yourself look professional and don’t hold back with what you can offer. Add clubs and organizations you were involved in, awards you may have achieved, and things you are interested in. All of these can make you stand out more than your resume can.

Build your network – After you’ve developed a profile you are proud of, start building your connections! Add old friends, colleagues, and even mutual contacts. Building your network and having a lot of connections will help you be seen more often by job recruiters. Get your skills endorsed by the connections you’ve made. Old colleagues and classmates can endorse the skills you post on your profile. Having those skills endorsed will make you more likeable and eye-catching.

Look for jobs – LinkedIn isn’t just for creating an online resume; you can look for relevant jobs as well.  Look for companies you would like to work for and view their profiles. Check out the profiles of both the past and current employees that work there and see what their tasks were so you can work on those skills when choosing to apply. You can even search jobs using key words that relate to the job you’re seeking.  

Stay active – Constantly update your LinkedIn profile. If you adopted a new skill, left or obtained a job, or met a new friend, add that to your online profile.  Show recruiters and your contacts that you’re doing well. Stay current with any updates and features that may be coming our way.