Featured Blogger: Michelle of Take Aim

Take Aim



Every Monday we bring you a feature on a talented blogger who inspires us. This week we’re excited to share with you Michelle of TAKE AIM. Starting in 2012 Michelle took a chance and began TAKE AIM, choosing the name in hopes to inspire others to chase after their dreams. TAKE AIM is a way for her to be creative and share what she loves. We are inspired by Michelle and her pursuit of what she loves, even if it doesn’t always go according to plan! Read more about Michelle here.

Can you tell us about yourself and your background?
When I met my now husband, Tyler, he had a passion to start a company that shared stories. Once we married I joined him in building LOVE NAIL TREE, a clothing line that tells unique stories within each garment and accessory. I have been working on this company with him for the last 7 years and it was during this time that I found a love for the fashion industry. I started blogging a little over two years ago and it’s been the most exciting and enjoyable thing I’ve done. I chose the name TAKE Aim because I believe in taking risks and working hard to pursue something that you love.background

What 3 words would you use to describe yourself?
Self-motivated, organizational, creative

What profession other than yours would you love to attempt?
I would love to do styling and staging in the entertainment business.

What is your favorite quote?
“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

What inspired your blog?
I’ve realized after joining my husband in the business that he started, I hadn’t realized what I was passionate about and if I was willing to take the risk to do what I loved. I came to a fork in the road and made a decision to TAKE AIM. Initially, blogging was something I was very intrigued by and I started one as a leap to finding myself.

What is your favorite social media platform and why?
I love Instagram. It’s really become an art form for me – the photography, editing and even the flow of my feed. I think I love it so much because it’s an expression of the things I love mixed with creating visuals that are appealing to me.


 Where do you find inspiration for blog  posts?
I try to think of places and things that I like  to do that people would want to read about –  and I pair them with styles, trends and  outfits from brands that I love.

 What do you think it is about your blog  that keeps people coming back for  more?
I’m so grateful for the support and it’s humbling and flattering that I have people that keep up with my life story. I think it’s helpful that I live in one of the coolest cities in the world and I have lots of fun places and a beautiful California backdrop to share with my readers. I think it’s also really helpful to have consistent posts and quality photos and to stay true to your brand/image.

How does a brand get your attention for a feature?
I like to share a story when I post. Being able to talk about new products is great or doing something like festival style, holiday dresses, ways to wear an item, etc. are great opportunities for me to get creative and dig in.

What do you love most about blogging?DSC_4985
It’s a great way to stay connected. I get emails every day about events, new products, new websites…I also meet a lot of other cool bloggers that have similar interests and passions.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
I think about this often…if things go well, I would love to transition with my audience and continue to share about things that I care about in 10 years from now. I’m sure it will still be fashion, but I will probably be able to incorporate more family and home interests in. Or, possibly I can pursue something like styling or marketing since these have become huge tools for me as a blogger.

In your opinion, what separates a great blog from an unsuccessful blog?
I think commitment is a huge deal. It’s easy to waver in the beginning stages when it doesn’t feel like a business but at the same time, it takes a lot of time. I think it’s very important to be consistent, true to your branding and post quality content.