Build Your Google+ Following


I know you may be thinking “why does my business even need a Google+ account?” Google+ often gets the short end of the marketing stick because it is smaller network compared to Twitter and Facebook. However, there are several benefits to have a Google+ account. Receiving more +1s (the equivalent to a Facebook like) on the content you post on your Google+ account can increase your ranking in Google search engine results. Everyone is always looking for a way to increase their search engine rankings.

  1. Have A Theme Or Topic – In having a unique theme you differentiate yourself from competitors in the area. Refine your ideas so that you can link them to your actual website or blog to showcase your brand in greater detail. You want your content to add value to Google+.
  2. Create Media-Rich Content – Posting content such as infographics, charts, videos and images attract more interaction and attention than plain text based content. Users are also more inclined to share interesting pictures or videos, rather than simple text.
  3. Post New Content Daily – Posting consistently will allow you to stay fresh and up-to-date in your follower’s minds. Users are less likely to follow a page that does not post content often, or stay up-to-date with current events.
  4. Find Quality Followers – Unlike many other platforms, Google+ gives you the ability to easily find and gain followers. Find a list of successful Google+ pages and add its followers who have the most interaction. People who are interested in following your competitor’s pages will most likely be interested in your page as well. This gives you an opportunity to convert your competitor’s consumer to use your product or service. Finding users that express interest related to your business will give you a strong group of followers who engage with and are truly interested in your content.
  5. Engage With Your Followers – Users are more likely to respond to and engage with your content when they know that you will respond back to them. In interacting with your followers, they will feel more valued and this will lead to more engagement with others. Even introducing people to each other can bring awareness and validity to your page.
  6. Participate Within Communities – Interacting with users on other pages through comments will build your brand’s visibility. Comment on relevant stories posted by bloggers, news media pages or even public figures.
  7. Link To Your Account – Make users aware of your account by linking it on your website and all of your other pages. You can also create awareness about your account by promoting it through your other social media accounts as well.

On another note: Google has decided to separate itself from Google+. Maintaining a Google plus account is no longer a requirement for email users. Unfortunately, the head of Google+ social efforts Vic Gundotra, left google a few months back, but we’re advising that you refrain from deleting your Google plus account because Google plus still provides a range of benefits for brands.

SEO privileges: Google is obviously one of our favorite daily search engines. When Google+ was created, the search engine features were carried over to each profile. Your daily posts on your Google+ profile attract profiles with similar interests. Your Google+ profile basically serves as a networking tool, reaching out to a target audience and maybe a few future business partners. So always remember to keep your posts relevant to your brand.

It’s “priceless”: Facebook may have more active users but that doesn’t mean your Facebook page is as active as the daily users. Facebook enforces businesses to “boost” their posts, which basically forces brands and businesses to pay for their marketing and advertising. Google+ is a FREE marketing tool for businesses to connect with consumers, sharing the same advertisement at no cost.

Attracts High Quality Visitors: Google+ has the second highest, post-click engagement, according to a recent article from Shareaholic. Youtube ranked no. 1 and Facebook came in 5th place. Google+ users spend up to 3 minutes reading articles that are shared within their circles. Clearly, Google+ attracts high quality visitors who want to invest in you and your brand, just as much as you like to invest in your target audience.