The Importance of Branding and What You Need to Know

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Your company has a purpose, personality, and product — and that together makes your brand. The way you brand your business has a monumental impact on the way the public perceives your business, meaning that successful branding is key to a successful company. At our Los Angeles branding agency, we are experts in helping clients find their brand identity. Here are the most important things you need to know about branding for your business. 


It’s Not Just Fonts and Colors 

Branding is so much more than just using the same fonts and colors. To have a clean brand identity, the look and feel of the brand needs to be cohesive and aesthetically match the purpose of the company. A fun and easy way to start is to create a persona that represents your company for internal use. If your company was a person, what kind of person would they be? How would they talk? What would they wear? Where would they live? Visualizing your company this way can give you a better idea of the vibe of the brand, and will help you fine tune the look and the words. 


Consistency is Key 

Once you establish a brand identity and launch it, staying consistent is an important part of branding. If your Instagram has a fun and playful voice, while your website language is formal and professional, this is not consistent branding. Across all platforms and in all B2C and B2B communications, your business should sound and look the same as to not confuse the public. Anything your company puts out into the public should look like it came from your company, so the voice, colors, logos and fonts should remain consistent across platforms and mediums. 


It’s Adaptable – If You Do It Right

As time goes on, your brand should evolve with your business. Keeping your branding consistent doesn’t mean it can never change and be successful. A smart branding agency will help you research and analyze how your current branding is being perceived, and will adapt and change the strategy as necessary to best reach and appeal to your target audiences. Just ensure that you don’t jump into a complete new look with no warning or research backing it up. 

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