5 Ways to Brand Your Personal Instagram

personal instagram

Have you done an audit of your personal instagram lately? In today’s social media crazed world, personal branding via online platforms is essential to your success. Providing a rich and unique visual experience is crucial in promoting authenticity and brand awareness, thus making Instagram the ideal platform to begin branding yourself with.

Here are 5 ways to brand your personal Instagram:

1. Be Authentic: Rule number one: don’t force it or fake it. Create and post content you’re connected to, the more authentic it is the more trust you build with your audience. As each post goes on, the style of your profile will become more cohesive if you stay true to your personal aesthetic.

2. Post Quality Content: Whether you’re posting food, a selfie or a hot vacation spot, always aim towards capturing a high-resolution image. Natural lighting is key and believe it or not, the gloomier the day the better! Having a clear, well lighted photo makes editing a breeze with apps such as VSCO, A Color Story and Afterlight.

3. Share Your Opinion: Regramming photos is easy, but adding your own personal twist is what truly captivates your audience. A fresh take or perspective on a regram adds to your authenticity and your brand message as a whole. Remember: lack of personal ideas leads to a less compelling account. Keep it real and fresh!

4. Find Your Niche: Let what you love and your personality shine through by finding your niche. Whether you’re obsessed with fashion, a lifestyle guru or a foodie fanatic- make it clear what you do and what you can offer. Set yourself apart by promoting your most authentic and unique self.

5. Create a Game Plan: Utilize social planning and management applications to stick to a consistent posting calendar and aesthetic. If you’re more of a physical visual person, create a vision board outlining your ideas, future endeavors and brand. Choose which way works best for you, stay dedicated and start building your personal brand.