When Are Influencer Marketing Services Right For Your Brand?

With influencer marketing often outperforming brand-created content, promoting your brand through highly trusted social media influencers can help your brand reach a wider target audience and get the credibility it deserves. However, not all brands are ready or right for influencer marketing. Whether you’re looking to grow your following or generate more content, here is how to tell why and when influencer marketing services might be suitable for your brand. 


Consumers Trust Influencers

Influencer marketing is essentially word-of-mouth marketing. Consumers trust influencer recommendations just as much as personal ones. People are more likely to buy products or services when they see that other people, especially those they follow, use and trust them. 


Influencers Create Quality Content

If content creation is something your brand is struggling with, an influencer strategy is a great launch point. The content they create is often great material to share on your own feeds – with influencer permission, of course. Plus, they know the best content that will appeal to their followers. Therefore, you don’t have to go through the process of figuring out how to present your brand, service, or product to their audience. Influencers will make their own content and present your brand in the best way possible. 


There’s No Ad Blocking With Influencer Marketing

Especially in younger generations, traditional advertisements are viewed as insincere and spammy, leading to many downloading Adblock software. In fact, today around 615 million people use Adblock apps. However, social media users can’t block influencer posts, even if it has promotional content. Better yet, the best influencer posts look, feel and are authentic in content, and users will be more likely to engage since they don’t read the way ads do. 


Other Considerations

While influencer marketing is a great strategy, it’s important to determine timing, practicality, and goals before establishing an influencer partnership to ensure your investment pays off and your expectations are met. There are many considerations to keep in mind when determining if influencer marketing is right for your brand. Ask yourself these questions before getting started.


Is my digital presence a strong and clear representation of my brand? Make sure your brand’s social media channels and website are up and running. Remember, influencer marketing is a digital strategy, so having your digital ducks in a row is key.


What is my budget? Determine your budget for paid partnerships, gifting products and/or services. This will help determine the types of partnerships you’re able to develop.


What are my goals for marketing in this way? Before diving into influencer marketing, determine what you hope your brand gets out of these partnerships. It’s important to identify both short and long term goals and expectations upfront. 


Whether you’re looking to better promote your brand, increase brand outreach, attract a new audience, or drive traffic to your social media platforms, BLND PR’s influencer marketing services will give you everything you need to stand out from the competition. 


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