Best Influencer Collabs Of The Summer From An Influencer Agency

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When you talk about influencer collaborations between brands and influencers, the Summer of 2022 has been an excellent season for them so far! This season, we have seen some long-awaited collaborations finally happen, and we are also seeing some new trends happen because of these collaborations. As an influencer agency, we want to highlight some of our favorite influencer collaborations of the Summer!


influencer agency
Credit: PacSun

Emma Chamberlain and PacSun 

Emma Chamberlain has participated in her second collaboration with the clothing brand PacSun this year. This time around, the direction of collaboration was decided by what Emma wanted her audience to feel: a sense of comfort and escapism. Emma included pieces meant for everyone, which meant many different aesthetics and components to choose! We admire this collaboration because Emma worked with PacSun because she had a personal connection with the brand and a genuine creative direction, which we really admire when it comes to influencer collaborations. 


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Credit: Rothy’s

Camri Hewie and Rothy’s

As summertime ends, influencer and creative Camri Hewie was able to shine with a collaboration with Rothy’s. Through this collaboration, Camri could express herself through the way her followers know her best, which is dance. The partnership was followed by a shot of images and a campaign video that was expressive in dance. Camri also wore styles that went along with her aesthetic of being effortless and coquette. We love this collaboration because Camri was in a project that went along with what Camir loves to do, and she could use her talents to help create a unique collaboration that we genuinely enjoyed. 


influencer agency
Credit: Abelyn (@asapabes)

Abelyn and Glossier

For the last influencer collaboration highlight, we are taking it to TikTok. Ableyn has taken over TikTok and has been a critical player in the trends we see on our “For You Page.” It was the best surprise when Abelyn announced her collaboration with Glossier. Her collaboration goes above and beyond just gifting. Abelyn has been able to take over Glossier’s TikTok. Her takeover of Glossier’s TikTok involved a live where she could talk about her favorite products and freely interact with viewers. We love this collaboration because Abelyn was able to create authentic content that aligned with both her and Glossier’s voices. We can understand the brand’s impact by seeing how natural it was for Abelyn to work with Glossier. 


Summer has managed to bring in the best in influencer collaborations. As an influencer agency, we have enjoyed how influencers have been able to keep true to their authentic selves when working with brands. We love seeing the fantastic content from these collaborations, and most importantly, we enjoy seeing how audiences interact with them! 

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