BLND’s Favorite Super Bowl LIV Commercials

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Everyone in PR knows that the best part of the Super Bowl is the commercials. 2020 showed us so many great commercials – some sad, some hilarious, and some genius. While Twitter determined that Pepsi was the MVP this year, our PR agency has our own rankings for the commercials. Here is a list of our favorite Super Bowl LIV commercials. 


Best Overall: 

Google: “Loretta”

Using the power of nostalgia, this powerful ad features a man remembering his late wife with a little help from Google. Emotion marketing is a powerful tactic to inspire people to act and share positive emotions, and this ad proves that. According to Twitter’s data, this ad drove the highest overall positivity among brands partaking in the Super Bowl Conversation on Twitter. The ad also generated almost 3 million earned online views, as well as over 82 million social impressions. 


Best Pop Culture References: 

Doritos: “The Cool Ranch”

What do you get when you mix Lil Nas X, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Sam Elliott? A great commercial, apparently. Doritos is a master of using current trends in their advertisements, and they did it again this year. Using the Grammy award winning song “Old Town Road,” as the backtrack, this commercial shows us the power of blending pop culture icons together. This ad garnered 55 million social media impressions, making it a huge part of the digital conversation. 


Most Creative: 

Rocket Mortgage: “Comfortable”

A brand with a surprisingly hilarious ad this year was Rocket Mortgage. “Comfortable” features a stripped-down Jason Momoa, but not in the way that it sounds. The commercial hilariously and creatively portrayed what comfort means in a home by showing Momoa rip off his muscles to get “comfortable” in his sanctuary of a home. While a little disturbing, the commercial is a great example of a memorable marketing campaign, and generated over 76 million social impressions.  


Funniest Ad: 

Bud Light: “#PostyStore”

Always a hard-hitter, Bud Light did not disappoint with their commercial this year. Featuring Post Malone in a liquor store, this commercial hilariously reminisced the children’s movie “Inside Out” by giving us a peek into Posty’s mind about buying the new Bud Light Seltzer. Plus, watching Post Malone throw himself into food displays was a very funny touch.