Writer’s Block: Pitch Edition

Pitching: it’s the cornerstone of what a public relations agency does. Every day, PR practitioners around the world wrack their brains to come up with new and creative angles to pitch to journalists, but sooner or later writer’s block is bound to set in. We’ve come up with the questions to ask yourself that will help you discover new, exciting angles on old clients.


What goes with this product?


Sometimes what a client offers is a little obscure, but goes perfectly with something more mainstream. Like the way we can’t eat cookies without milk or eggs without bacon, pairing your client’s product with a popular mainstay will bring up positive associations with the brand and secure some great hits.


How is your client impacting their industry?


Chances are, a public relations agency took on this client because they are changing the game. The ways that they are impacting the industry they are in can sometimes make interesting stories that journalists would love to pick up. Maybe they use innovative technology, or maybe it is a never-been-done-before service. Think about the ways they are impacting the current market to come up with some unique pitches for industry-specific media outlets.


Who would love this product?


Picture in your head the type of person who would fall in love with your client’s product. Think about their name, what they look like, their job, where they live and what their hobbies are. Imagine what this person would want to know about their client. Once you create the perfect profile of this dream consumer, ideas will start flowing in on how to write in a way that will resonate with them. This tactic is great when pitching to individual bloggers or influencers, and will help you land some pretty authentic and personalized coverage.


When is this product/service needed?


Writing seasonal pitches related to national holidays or seasons is a great way to create some unique angles. Things like “National Donut Day” have produced some amazing PR content, so look into any of these days that could work with your client. You can also do this on a day-to-day level, by thinking about the times in life where your client’s products and services would be a lifesaver.

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