Blogging Tips: How Blogging Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

We all know how difficult it can be to show your personality and creativity to potential employers through a resume – there is just not enough space! Instead of trying to cram all of your qualities on a piece of paper, start a blog! Blogging is not only a place to talk about the next beauty trend, but can be a place to express your passions & past professional experiences. When applying for jobs a blog can give potential employers an inside look at your aesthetic, writing abilities and that you are capable of being consistent with posting. Here are some blogging tips to help you start a blog to help you land your dream job!

  1. Show your knowledge of the industry you are in! In a 10-15 minute interview, it can be hard to tell the employer how much you know. In a blog, you can discuss what you know, your ideas for improvement/advancement, or your opinion on current topics. Being on top of the latest trends can help make you an expert in the industry before you’ve even started in it.

  2. Be creative and personable – as we said, resumes can be pretty bland! On your blog, tell stories and share your experiences instead of listing them. Employers will remember the stories over the bullet points. What makes a company great is the type of people they have employed there – your potential employers want to hire someone with a personality and that would contribute their unique spunk to the office culture.

  3. Connect your blog with your LinkedIn! With thousands of employers using LinkedIn to find potential candidates for the job – having a link to your personal blog will help you stand out from the rest! You can also post your blogs right to your LinkedIn or share them on your feed so that others can comment and share – expanding your reach even more.

  4. The last of our blogging tips is to enhance your network! People that stumble upon your blog might be the perfect person to make a future professional connection for you – blogging helps you meet and connect with people you may not have otherwise! Your blogging network can even help you grow as a writer yourself as you can learn from bloggers who have already established a strong following themselves.