Getting The Most Out Of Your Instagram Posts

social media management

Have you ever wondered why your Instagram posts aren’t getting the likes and comments you thought they would? Unfortunately, Instagram might not be as easy as you think. Getting the most of your content goes above just getting likes. Here at BLND PR, you know that your followers have to engage in different ways to get more of your Instagram content. Engagement is key when it comes to getting the most and it can be applied to your posts in a number of various ways. In order to have the most beneficial engagement, there needs to be a proper social media management team to support you. 


What is Social Media Management?

First of all, let’s break down what social media management looks like. Social Media Management can be defined as the process of creating and executing a strategic communications plan. It is critical to understand that your Instagram account is now a point of contact for yourself or your brand. If you want your social media to represent the best of your brand you want to be able to come up with ways to get your followers engaged with not only your posts but also your account as a whole. Through social media management, it allows you to have a more organized view of your analytics and even the future postings of your account. 


Take Time To Plan!

The best way to plan out your content starts with research. Dive into the types of content that your target audience resonates with. Do they engage with videos, or photos? Do they like short, witty captions or do they prefer longer, more educational posts? Understanding these metrics will allow you to create content that your audience will engage with, improving overall brand reach. Research is the best way to observe and analyze how you can get the most of your posts by seeing who, what, and how others get the most of their posts. 



Believe it or not, using the right hashtags – and the right amount – can make or break your social media strategy . It comes more than just using the #basic hashtags but figuring out what a brand needs. We know that using the correct hashtags can bring in the right amount and even brand new attraction. Take a look at what hashtags have a huge number of postings, but do not just limit yourself to those. Look for hashtags that range from 3k to even 6k postings, meaning your image can be at the top of that hashtag! 


These essential familiarities of social media management will allow Instagram to be more than just a posting app. It will enable you to bring in and attract a new audience. BLND PR knows the importance of staying on top of your Instagram A-game. 


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