How to Up Your Pinterest Game and Take Your Account to the Next Level

pinterest tips

Let’s be honest, we’ve all spent endless hours mindlessly scrolling through Pinterest and re-pinning cute pictures of houses we dream of and weddings dresses we hope to wear one day. But how much activity and engagement are you actually generating with all of those pins? If you are pinning hundreds of posts a day, but only getting 10 or so notifications, follow these simple steps in order to boost your Pinterest following and increase your total engagements:

  • Make sure you are actually sharing content that other people want to see. Content should be exciting and should appeal to a wide range of followers. Popular boards include: fashion/style inspiration, home decor, hair, and weddings.

  • Know your target audience. Who are you trying to appeal to and what are they looking to repin? By knowing the answer to this questions you can tailor your posts to specifically match who you are targeting. If your target audience is teenage girls you can focus on fashion, hair, and beauty posts but if your target audience is moms you can focus on easy meals, home decor, and cleaning hacks.

  • Add keywords to your captions. In doing this you are making it so every time a user searches those words on Pinterest, your pins are more likely to pop up. Keep captions short and to the point but make sure to use words that are commonly searched.

  • Connect your Pinterest account to Facebook and Twitter. This way every time you post on Pinterest you will also be posting on Facebook and Twitter. This can bring attention to your account and draw in new followers. (Just be careful to not overwhelm your Facebook and Twitter followers with hundreds of posts so only use this tip if you plan to pin 2-3 times a day).

  • Interact with your followers! Follow users back who regularly repin from you and leave comments on their posts. This shows that you recognize and care about your followers.

  • Make sure your pins look good. Sounds simple but can be challenging to achieve. Look to pin images that are bright and light while also simple and straightforward. This is perhaps the most important tip since Pinterest is all about visuals. Users will be more drawn to post that look aesthetically pleasing and organized.

Happy pinning!