What’s ‘In’ and ‘Out’ in 2024: Boutique PR Firm Edition

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Now that the holiday lights are coming down and the New Year confetti is cleaned up, it’s time to get back to work and think about what’s going to be big in 2024. As a boutique PR firm in Los Angeles, we always keep a strong pulse on the trends. From the ‘cozy cardio’ craze to the rise of the ‘quiet luxury’ aesthetic, 2023 saw so many buzzy trends rise to the mainstream media. Our team has put together our list of what’s ‘in’ and ‘out’ for the upcoming year in the PR world. 


‘Out’: Posting solely branded, sales and product-driven content on social media

‘In’: Incorporating fun, entertaining content into the feed to improve reach and resonation

When it comes to social media, many brands forget to think about their consumer experience, rather than sales only. In 2024, social media is a community-engagement tool. We’re going to see a lot more brands focusing on entertaining content to keep audiences coming back for more.

When we work with our clients, we remind them to think about their own social media habits. Most people don’t follow brands that only post about how great their products are with a link to their site. Instead, focus on providing content that you would want to see, while still being relevant to your brand. In 2024, we’re going to see a lot more brands using memes, funny trends and personality-rich content to capture audience attention and stand out in the marketplace. Brands like DuoLingo, Taco Bell and even the Los Angeles Metro have mastered the balance between giving consumers enough brand information to stay informed, but also jumping on fun, shareable trends to build personality and keep users coming back for the entertainment value of the feed.  


‘Out’: Obsessing over how many followers you have and the ‘likes’ on every single post

‘In’: Focusing on post and account reach as a more substantial growth metric

These days, the algorithms on Instagram and TikTok have been curated to emphasize ‘for-you’ pages and encourage endless user scrolling. Therefore, many users of social media don’t even look at their primary feed of the accounts they follow. Instead, users are spending more time looking at the recommended posts based on their engagement. Therefore, they see content from all sorts of new accounts simply based on whether or not the platform thinks they’ll enjoy it. 

So what does this mean for brands? Instead of obsessing over your follower count or engagement, you should be paying attention to your overall reach. While users may not like or follow your profile, they may actually see your, enjoy, resonate and remember your content. By looking at your reach, you’ll get a sense for how well your content is performing in the algorithm. Ultimately, it’s like a billboard or traditional advertising: the more eyeballs that see your content, the more likely they are to remember your brand and come for more. 


‘Out’: Mass media pitching and constant follow ups

‘In’: Hyper-personalization in media stories and patience for pickup

It’s 2024: every boutique PR firm knows that the ‘spray and pray’ method doesn’t work and is wayyy outdated. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean that publicists don’t get desperate (or pressured by clients) to send the same pitch to hundreds of contacts. With social media at our fingertips, there are thousands of new brands, products, influencers, and celebrities trying to break into the news cycle every second. With that much competition, it’s imperative that PR teams take a step back before rushing to send that media pitch. 

At the end of the day, a carefully crafted, personalized media pitch that you know would be a great fit for a journalist is going to yield much better results than a rushed, generalized ‘hi XX’ pitch. In 2024, it’s crucial for brands to work with a boutique PR firm that understands the importance of research and relationship building. Additionally, while one follow up may be appreciated to bump up the message, five follow ups every two days is overkill. Constant follow ups will only annoy your contacts and lead to your email being marked as spam. Do yourself a favor, and stay patient, respectful and conscious of the media’s time. If your story is good, they won’t pass it up and will reach out as soon as they can. 


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