What is a Twitter Party? And Why Your Brand Should Host One

Twitter party

Have you heard of a Twitter party? Well do you want to be a part of the coolest parties where products are launched, prizes are given away and celebrities actually talk to you? Of course you do! What if at these parties you could also wear sweatpants, drink a cup of tea, and not actually move from the sofa? Heaven! How do I sign up I hear you ask, well these are Twitter parties.

Twitter parties, also known as tweet chats or hashtag chats, are becoming more and more popular with brands engaging in weekly or monthly exchanges with the public. They are a great way to get people talking about your product or cause.

Here at BLND we’ve complied a few tips on how to host a successful Twitter party:

Advertise the Event – About a week prior to the party announce the time and date of the chat and publicize the hashtag. You can use all forms of social media to advertise such as Facebook, Instagram, google+ and blogs.

Timing is Key – The time of the event will change slightly depending on the theme. Most chats are very successful between 1-2pm on the weekdays or 7-9pm on the weeknights. Avoid times when people are traveling to and from work or making dinner and going to the gym.

Keep it Short and Sweet – Hold the virtual party for 1-2 hours and no more. This will keep the audience absorbed in the discussion and therefore more involved. It will also keep the audience wanting more, and there’s a higher chance they will attend your event again in the future.

A Clever Hashtag – The hashtag needs to relate to your brand or cause so it can be identified easily. Make sure your hashtag is short and clear. There is room for creativity, however the audience will need to append it into a tweet so be mindful of that.

Have fun! – It may take participating in a few parties to really feel comfortable and confident with hosting your own, but they are ultimately a great way to engage with thousands of people and have an input in interesting conversations!

Here at BLND we never like to miss a party, so let us know if you decide to host one! Good luck!