Twitter’s Necessity for Business

Twitter and Business

Although you may not be a fan of Social Media, it’s important to invest in at least ONE social media outlet…Twitter. Twitter and business are meant to go together – get tweeting!

Twitter has become so important in creating partnerships, networking, and ultimately building businesses. Plus, Twitter is the fastest way to connect with others without taking up too much time, too many words, or talking in circles. We at BLND PR have made a list of proper “Twitter Etiquette” to make sure you keep your Twitter account thriving.

5 things you should be doing on Twitter:

  1. Tweet. Be consistent and active with tweeting but don’t mix business with pleasure, use your business account to contact and connect with other businesses. Set aside at least 30 minutes each day to tweet, re-tweet, favorite and find new accounts – consistent interaction is key!
  2. Use geo-targeted searches. Don’t just search for one word, search for phrases and keywords. By typing, “new bars in Manhattan Beach” into the search engine, Twitter will magically load all of the tweets related to bars, Manhattan Beach, etc. Remember you have a target audience and market, make sure you are always reaching out to those individuals, geo-targeted searches help you do that.
  3. Remember #Hashtaggingisfun. Hashtags are crucial to twitter success! If you’re not hashtagging, you’re limiting your networking abilities. Hashtags and keywords help increase the SEO of your account, attracting new followers each day.
  4. Cyber Stalk. Well sort of. It’s okay to favorite someone’s tweet until they follow back or respond to your comments. By consistently interacting with the same twitter accounts you are nonchalantly building a relationship, which may very well lead into a business partnership.
  5. Pitch to Journalists, Editors, and Businesses. In Twitter and business, many professionals prefer to be pitched to on Twitter because they can simply avoid all of the jargon and get straight to the matter of business.