Why Your Company Needs a Press Kit

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Today we’re sharing why your company needs a press kit. Just as every company needs a name and a brand, a press kit is right up there with them, especially if you are part of a start-up or small business.

A press kit is basically a compact, un-biased, broad overview of your company. It allows journalists, freelance writers or bloggers to review your kit and create an article without returning for numerous questions. Most members of the media are constantly under strict deadlines, so companies with a good press kit are far more likely to be featured than ones without.

Putting the time and effort into your press kit will, without doubt, be beneficial in the future. It doesn’t have to be an encyclopedia on the ins and outs of the company, it can be broken down into relevant sections.

Start with a fact sheet. This is the foundations of your business and should include information such as name, founders, year of formation, employee statistics, market details, product data, social media links etc. Next, add some color and interest to your kit! People are naturally very visually orientated so include your logo and any relevant pictures of your staff, products, office and media screenshots. Include all relevant press releases in chronological order to create a timeline of the growth and success of the company. In addition, audio and video files can be included, these may show special events, television appearances or radio coverage.

The press kit should address most/all questions the media has about your company. Just as a resume is used to promote and inform an employer about an individual, a press kit is used in the same way to spark interest in the media. It should be professional and represent the brand, however in this competitive world it needs to stand out and be noticed. So create one today, you may be surprised by how many doors it will open!