How to Create On-going Relationships with Influencers

Relationships with Influencers

The biggest question brands should be brainstorming is how to create on-going relationships with influencers. As a society, we are living in a time where social media has created platforms for brands and audiences to openly communicate with one another and oh boy, what a time it is to be alive! With demographics tuning into the digital realm, peer recommendations have become more valued than typical advertisements. So how could you incorporate this practice into your brand building? With the help of influencers, of course.

Create – We all know relationships are not a one-way street and that you’re an important part to this equation. Cultivate your own online space and let your voice be heard. Let influencers get to know you, your interests, and values by sharing on a personalized website. Whether it is through blogs, videos, or pictures, identify which works best for you. By posting quality material, you are welcoming influencers and audiences alike to view your authentic self.

Connect – Find influencers that have content you enjoy. That is where you will find an audience following who could potentially find interest in you too! Right off the bat, what connects you with an influencer is the basic knowledge that you are both human beings. So instead of worrying about how to initiate a relationship, look at it with the perspective of how you would want someone to set the foundation with yourself. While growing a list of connections, make sure to properly organize these contacts and keep up-to-date with their content. This can help you out in the long run.

Communicate – To maintain any relationship, there is a necessity for communication. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter are your social playgrounds for engagement with both, influencers and audiences. This opens the opportunity for potential collaborations and followings as well as allowing others to join in on the fun. When interacting, in-person or computer-mediated, there is always the chance for things to get awkward. To refrain from those uncomfortable instances, try interacting in a meaningful way. Other than juat giving their post a “like,” generate curiosity in their work and be sincere when conversing. Engaging could be an easy in for learning something new from those you play with on the social media playground.

Just how it is in person, it is important to convey your genuine personality because you want influencers to know that you’re interested in something more than just a shout out on their vlog. Speaking on behalf of the brand and creating an inviting environment with an influencer on a personal level is what will set you apart from the rest!