Our Favorite Features On Eater LA

eater la

If you are still scrolling through Yelp to find a restaurant to eat at, I hate to break it to you but Yelp is so 2010! Eater LA is our new go-to resource to find top rated restaurants, restaurant news, and opening & closing alerts. At first glance, the Eater LA website may look like a handful, but allow us to break it down for you.

  1. Maps – One of our favorite features on Eater LA are the maps. The maps articles are updated monthly and include restaurant rankings on any topic from brunch to tacos and even lobster rolls. In addition, there are seasonal features such as Thanksgiving Dinner listings as well as lists of venues for Super Bowl watch parties that are timely and helpful for special occasions. As Mother’s Day is approaching this weekend, we highly recommend checking out this list for some inspiration on places to impress your mother. A great thing about the maps feature is that Eater LA ranks restaurants from all over Los Angeles area and you can easily see which restaurant is located in which area. Additionally, Eater LA also makes it extremely convenient to make reservations, by linking the restaurants’ OpenTable links as well as their websites.
  2. Neighborhoods – We all know that feeling when you see posts of the most picture-perfect, mouthwatering crab cake benedict just to realize that it is located on the opposite side of town and would realistically take you an hour and a half to drive there on a Sunday morning. With the neighborhoods feature on Eater LA, you can narrow down your search to your local area and browse the different listings that have restaurants tagged in your location as well as any restaurant news related to your area. For example, under the Hermosa Beach location, you can find anything from the best $1 oyster restaurants nearby to details about the opening of Laurel Tavern.
  3. Dining on a Dime – Let’s be honest, our bodies tell us that we want to eat at every restaurant and check out every listing on Eater LA but our wallets think otherwise. This is when the Dining on a Dime feature on Eater LA comes in handy. Under this feature, you can find reviews of restaurants and specific dishes as well as various hole-in-the-wall spots that are delicious yet affordable. If you want to find the best hidden food trucks or hotdog stands, this is your page.


Warning: Allow yourself a minimum of an hour to procrastinate and deep dive into this food heaven that is Eater LA.