How to Get Your Brand Some Serious Press Coverage

press coverage

Virtually every single business can use a boost to its public profile and with the right public relations tactics, it is totally possible. Our public relations experts here at BLND created 5 tips to help your brand get some serious press coverage!

Create a Story, not an Advertisement

Magazines aren’t going to feature you just because you want them to. The relationship needs to be mutual between you and the editor. Editors don’t want to put advertisements in their magazines- so create a story that readers love and want to engage in. The best form of public relations is to have it be so subtle and natural that readers don’t realize it. Give the editors a story that fits with their publication and is interesting- and your product or service just so happens to fit into this story.

Send to publications relevant to your brand

Although this seems obvious, this step is often overlooked. Don’t waste your time sending a pitch to a men’s watch company if you are writing about a children’s clothing line. Find publications that you know are relevant to your brand who reach an audience with your ideal customers. Quality is greater than quantity!

Be Ready to Respond to Reporter

Reporters are always looking for ways to give their articles credibility.  Journalists are always seeking expert sources to boost their articles with industry research. If you connect with journalists directly, they would be happy to use your sources in order to benefit them!

Pitch Directly to Journalists

One of the greatest ways to gain exposure in public relations is to generate an amazing pitch. Once you have a great pitch- send to a specific journalist who may be interested in it. If you send your pitch to a company email it may come across as spam so find specific journalist for companies who write about topics related to your company and then find ways to make your pitch personal to them! You have a much better chance of getting featured in publications by making relationships with specific journalists and making it seem like you researched their work and feel like your company is a good fit for them.

Write your story for them

Editors are lazy! If you write the perfect pitch, it can be possible for them to copy and paste it to use it as a story for their publication. Editors don’t want to get your pitch just to rewrite everything, they want to receive a story that’s ready to post! Save the back and forth between you two and include everything in your first draft.  This is great because you get to totally control what they write about your brand- and trust me, they’ll love you for it!

If you follow these tips you will be a public relations pro and totally help grow your brand! Press and pr work hand in hand so read these 5 fast facts about pr to learn more!