New Year, New Strategy: Top 3 PR Tactics to Use in 2020

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With the new year comes fresh starts and fresh ideas. It is the perfect time to revamp your current public relations strategy! With each new year, consumers use different means of finding brands to follow. This means that your company will need to keep up with the trends to maintain a competitive edge. At our public relations agency, we recommend refreshing your strategy to reflect the predicted trends of communication for 2020. Here are the top 3 public relations tactics that your brand can try this year. 


Social Responsibility  

More and more each year, the public is demanding for social change and causes that they believe in. In order to succeed, brands can no longer stay silent on big social issues. Social responsibility is no longer optional. Take large companies like KIND, who created an entire brand image around the concept of being kind to yourself, your community and your planet by partnering with a variety of organizations and creating programs that promote positive action.

If you don’t have the money or manpower to donate to causes that you believe in or partner with organizations, just promoting a social concept or idea that you believe in is a great way to gain support from like-minded consumers. Billie, the “razors built for womankind,” is a great example of this tactic. By creating an Instagram feed that focuses on body-positivity and authentic images of women with hair, they are promoting the cause of gender equality and raising awareness against the pink tax


Clean, Aesthetic (IG) Grids

The new year is a perfect time for a new look. To revamp your brand identity, a new logo, colors, and aesthetic is a great method. In 2020, Instagram will continue to be the most popular platform for Gen Z, so your brand will need to have a beautiful IG grid. Brands like Glossier and Away have created Instagram feeds that allow users to guess the brand before they even see the username. 

To start, find a new color scheme that reflects the feel of your brand. From there, recruit the help of a public relations agency to help you fine-tune everything. The logo, voice, and aesthetic of the brand identity should bring together a whole new look. 


A Bit of Traditional PR 

In the 2010’s, the internet created a new wave of public relations called the digital PR age. Social media, video content, and AI-integrated tactics dominated the field, and were the only way to get the public’s attention. However, the digital world is becoming oversaturated with brand promotions and influencers, making it difficult for the consumer to feel compelled to follow any one company. To stand out from the crowd, incorporating a bit of traditional public relations into your strategy is wise. Tactics like events and in-store experiences are essential in order to bring your brand from the screen and to audience. Your public relations agency will be a great resource in merging a bit of traditional PR and with a digital strategy to create something big. 

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