Tips for Creating Newsletters Your Audience Will Actually Want to Read

When it comes to digital marketing, e-newsletters are a great way to establish relationships with your audiences and remind them of why they love your brand. For public relations professionals, it is necessary to tailor and craft each newsletter carefully to ensure you are maximizing positive exposure for your brands. Our public relations agency, BLND PR, has compiled four tips that will bring your newsletter game to the top.


Don’t be too salesy


It can be tempting to use a newsletter to promote your brands latest and greatest products, but being too salesy will turn off your audience and have them unsubscribing in seconds. Balancing the amount of sales content with actual informational or entertaining content that your audience wants to see will ensure that they look forward to receiving your newsletters and come to your brand as not only a source of products, but as a source of information.


Stay on brand


When creating a newsletter, it is absolutely crucial to be consistent with branding. With fonts, colors, styles, and voice, the newsletter should be recognizably from your brand without someone having to read the name.


Keep it short


There’s nothing worse than a long, rambling newsletter. You may think packing it with information will keep your readers interested, but if it’s too long they will surely just close out and not read anything. It’s better to keep it short and sweet to get your message across before your readers get bored.


Consistency is key


If you call your newsletter a “monthly newsletter,” then be sure to send it out on the same day every single month. This way your loyal readers will get into the habit of expecting your newsletter on a certain day and will keep a lookout for it. If you don’t send it consistently, you could risk upsetting your consumers and losing subscribers.

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