Email Etiquette for PR Professionals

Los Angeles public relations

Whether you are pitching to journalists or sharing important information to clients, emails can make or break public relations professionals. Email is the most commonly used form of communication in the PR world, so how you use it is crucial. 


Far too often, many public relations professionals will make unforgivable mistakes while writing important emails. As a Los Angeles public relations agency, we understand the fast paced lifestyle we work in and came up with the do’s and don’ts when crafted emails from our veteran public relations professionals. 


Subject line is like a first impression


The subject line helps the recipient decide whether the email will be of importance for them or not. Therefore, having a clear and direct subject line will help the reader know right away what they will be getting out of the email and determines whether they will open the email or not.


Add the email address last


Many times, people will send out an email by accident before they are ready to send the email out (thank goodness for the 5 second undo button on Gmail). To mitigate this, it is best to draft out your email first and then add the email once you are ready to send it out. 


Double-check the email recipient


Oftentimes, people accidentally send an email to the wrong person. Double-check your media list and ensure you are sending your message to the right email. Make sure you are checking which emails you are using and check for spelling and punctuation.


Proofread, proofread, and proofread again


One of the most overlooked tasks when drafting the perfect email is proofreading. Re-read your emails out loud to make sure that all the sentences and words flow. Ensure that your grammar and spelling is perfect, and that you are using professional language.


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