Email Etiquette for PR Pros


Working in PR is working in an industry centered around communication. Reaching out to potential clients or media is an integral part of the job and unless you invest time adopting the right approach you could be left with an empty inbox. Applying the right email etiquette is so important, and here at BLND we have created a list on how to not only employ the right techniques but to make your email stand out!

Title up – Everybody has busy schedules so not adding information in the subject line of an email is asking to be ignored! This doesn’t need to be an essay, make it short but sweet.

Whose who – Address the recipient by their title and name. This one little act adds a personal touch, and to be honest, should be the minimum requirement when reaching out to an individual.

Be constructive – Quality over quantity is so important. People in the media don’t have time to read a lengthy email, even the sight of 10pt Arial disappearing down the page will make most roll their eyes and click Next.

Review always– Spell-check is your best friend! We all type too quickly and make mistakes, however take the time to re-read your email and check for spelling and grammatical mistakes. You want your email to be remembered for its content and not the glaring typo!

Please stop – You must respect the receiver’s wishes, even if you believe you have exactly what they are looking for, if they don’t share your feelings and request for emails to stop, you must stop. Keep all distribution lists up to date and don’t waste your time either by continuing to communicate with someone who does not want to be contacted. This is HUGE in email etiquette.