Everything You Need to Know About Gift Guides

public relations tips

Gift guides are all the craze during the holidays, but can actually be used all year round to inspire shoppers and drive traffic to your website and products! As an established tradition in the retail world, however, perfecting a gift guide takes more than just listing products in an article. Here are a couple of public relations tips to bring your gift guide game to the next level. 

Give it a theme (and sections!) 

First impressions are crucial, and busy shoppers want information presented to them in an easily digestible manner. Creating a theme surrounding all the items on the list makes it simple for customers to understand what your products are good for, and may even remind them what they’re looking for! Finding a specific category for your target audience could pay off in the long run. Furthermore, categorize all items in easy-to-read sections. The easier it is to buy, the better. 

Research market trends to handpick the best list of products 

Take this opportunity to curate the best list you can, based off of trends for your own products and within the industry. We suggest identifying the most popular retail items at the moment by searching through social media and popular media outlets. Data is a powerful tool in marketing, and can definitely be applied to your hand-picked list of enticing products. 

Have fun with it!

Last but not least, make it fun! In the spirit of giving, gift guides are most attractive when paired with bright and enticing pictures. When customers are really in a rush, most will probably skim the photos instead of reading through all details of your reviews. Seeing is truly believing when it comes to digital content. Employing casual wording and bright pictures is sure to contribute to a successful marketing campaign. 


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