FAQ’s: Working in Beauty Public Relations

beauty public relations

Today, there are millions of beauty-based brands flooding the market. Beauty public relations firms are met with the challenge of how to make their clients stand out above the rest. The beauty industry is fast-paced, so keeping the attention of the public is one of the biggest difficulties. However, as a beauty PR manager, the job can be tough, but it’s never dull and is oh-so-rewarding. Here at BLND, we’ve answered some of your most FAQs about working in beauty public relations and how to navigate through this competitive industry. 


How do you properly manage multiple beauty brands? 

Working with a variety of beauty clients means you must be well-versed on all the brands you are representing. In order to reflect the unique qualities and values of each company onto the pitches you are writing, the content you are producing, and the influencers you are using, take time to research how each business started and what inspired them to launch their business in the first place. This will help you identify and strategize how to best cater to each brand’s needs and accomplish their long-term goals


How important is it to have a social media presence? 

Being active and consistent with posting content is a necessity when it comes to running beauty social media accounts. Continuously posting content and keeping yourself in the public eye will make sure platform algorithms keep your brand in the ‘social cycle’ instead of bumping your content to the bottom of people’s feed. The goal is to build a reputation within the industry and widen your audience through your regularly posted content. 


How do I create original content for each brand I represent?

Creating original content for makeup or skincare clients means closely following media trends, while still representing each brand’s original voice and feel. Playing off the aesthetic of each brand will help produce content that is relevant and interesting. Researching other brand’s successful and unsuccessful marketing strategies will highlight what works best to grab public attention within the industry. 


Are social media influencers really worth the hype?

The great thing about influencers is their ability to immediately establish credibility for your brand. Additionally, they create a sense of trust and can publicly educate their following about all your brand has to offer. Good products are simply no longer enough to attract and retain customers. Researching and finding influencers that can use their own unique voice to reflect the values of your client can increase their brand awareness and exposure. 

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