This Week in Beauty: Trends You Need to Know

beauty public relations

The world of beauty public relations changes on a dime. Making knowledge of current trends absolutely necessary to secure quality media hits for your beauty and skincare clients. To do so, here are a few beauty trends the BLND team has tapped into to create on-trend content and brainstorm relevant pitch angles:


The K-Beauty Phenomenon

Korean beauty has taken the industry by storm for its ultra-effective formulas and insta-friendly packaging. For example, our client Vitabrid got its start in the Korean market, growing in popularity for their revolutionary lineup of products releasing stabilized vitamin C into the skin. With k-beauty constantly on the radar of major fashion and lifestyle publications, Vitabrid has risen to the top. The brand has earned coveted features in k-beauty articles in Vogue, Allure, Refinery29 and more. If your client is part of a niche industry like k-beauty, consider how you can target publications and audiences interested in those areas!


High-Tech Skincare

Technology is not only advancing the world of business and communication, but the world of beauty and skincare too. Innovative devices are a glimpse of the future of beauty, offering benefits and efficacy previously not possible. For example, our client ReFa offers a diverse lineup of luxury high-tech devices, specializing in microcurrent-equipped beauty rollers. ReFa’s platinum-coated, solar-powered devices have garnered attention from Popsugar, Who What Wear, Vogue. Brands who seek to disrupt the market are always points of interest for writers looking for the next big thing. Discover what makes your client innovative and highlight those strengths!


Sustainability + Naturally Sourced Ingredients

Today, consumers are actively pursuing sustainable, eco-friendly brands more than ever before. If your client offers natural, cruelty-free, or environmentally-friendly products, they may be great candidates for features on this area of the beauty industry. For example, our client Jurlique’s decision to grow many of their ingredients naturally on their private farm in South Australia sets them apart from other beauty brands, combining botany, biochemistry, and natural healing to formulate their products. To set your brand apart, discover unique elements of your brand and add them to your beauty public relations strategy! Sustainable products are gaining coverage recently, making way for many roundups and features for eco-friendly beauty brands.

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