Fashion PR: Pitch Tips and Tricks

In the fashion industry, perhaps more than any other industry, major press coverage is absolutely essential for brand awareness – especially for higher-end, luxury brands. There are so many wildly popular fashion brands out there, luxury and otherwise, that it may seem difficult to set your client apart and generate genuine interest. Below, we share some fashion PR tips and tricks for helping your clients get on the radar!

Do plenty of research

This should be your first step, before starting anything. Do your research: know who your competitors are, see what market(s) and media outlets competitors are reaching out to, and try to gauge how successful – or unsuccessful – they have been. Use your findings to fine-tune your client’s message and determine what the angle will be for your brand. Constant research into what brands, trends, influencers, and publications are on the up-and-up in the fashion world is the key to staying relevant and helping your company grow.

Constantly work on expanding your media list

When it comes to the world of fashion, there are so many publications and writers. It’s easy to compile a “who’s who” list of contacts in fashion media – you’re sure to find popular writers for Vogue, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar on just about every fashion media list. It’s important to stay up-to-date on who is writing for who. Writers and editors can change suddenly – be sure you always update your media lists! Once you’ve done that, start to think outside the box. Lesser known and/or regional publications can still have their fair share of readers.

Tailor your pitches

This is not only a vital piece of fashion PR advice, but a valuable, evergreen piece of PR advice in general. An effective, eye-catching pitch is essential to the success of any brand. Generic pitches with boring subject lines can easily get lost in inboxes or, worse, instantly deleted. Adding a personal touch – such as mentioning an article a writer has recently published – makes your pitch that much more memorable.

Keep them concise

Don’t bog down your pitch with too much information. Instead, give whoever you’re pitching just enough info to make them want to seek out more. Remember, your headline and pitch should be short, relevant, and personal.

Here at BLND Public Relations, we take pride in being a boutique fashion and beauty PR agency. We are always on the lookout for the latest lifestyle trends and tailor our strategies accordingly.

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