How to Have Healthy Client-Agency Relationships

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Building a quality client base is key to growing a successful public relations agency. However, it’s not always easy to build a budding relationship with all of your clients— especially those with high demands and super specific standards! Here are a few ways for you to form healthy client-agency relationships with both your existing clients and ones to come:


Lay Out Your Goals (and your expectations!)

A partnership can only work if you’re pursuing a common goal. Whether it’s your first call with a client or your hundredth, establishing goals to stay on track will help you understand exactly how to push your client further toward their desires for their brand. Different clients will present different goals, whether it be landing a major press placement, growing their social media engagement, or launching a creative and compelling campaign. It’s inevitable that some clients may be unsure of their goals or direction— take some time to offer suggestions or present on-brand ideas!


Public relations agencies and their clients likely hold certain expectations for what the other will bring to the relationship. Ask your clients exactly what services they are looking for. From there, determine how much autonomy your agency will have in carrying out PR efforts. This way, you can take creative freedom available without treading outside of what your client is comfortable with. Don’t be afraid to express your expectations as well! It’s better to endure a few minutes of discomfort than let your relationship suffer long-term.


Communication Is Key

You never want your client to wonder what you’re doing! Whether it’s weekly project updates, client calls, or checking in before making significant decisions, communication imperative for a healthy relationship. Set a call schedule with your client to ensure that you both feel in the know without being overbearing. Here at BLND, we believe in constant communication and weekly updates. This way, clients are up-to-date on exactly what your public relations agency has been working on!


Remember: You’re A Team

Even though creative differences or communication hiccups are sure to arise in client-agency relationships, remember that you’re a team! A public relations agency can’t function without its clients. Once your goals, expectations, and plans for communication are set, its time to hype up the brand. Build genuine excitement in media, jump at opportunities to pitch their products, and invest in creating quality content for their socials. It’s important for PR agencies to assign teams who will work with a client long-term to aid in building trust, understanding, and a growing knowledge base around the brand and its industry.



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