How To Host A Successful Virtual Event

virtual public relations

Zoom meetings and conference calls may be our new normal, but it doesn’t have to mean that influencer and brand events are cancelled. Virtual influencer events have been popping up in 2020, and brands are getting creative and innovative to ensure that they are still successful and fun. In 2021, we predict that in-person events will still be on hold for a while, so prepping and brainstorming ways to host a virtual event is necessary. As a public relations agency, we’ve really had to adjust to conducting virtual public relations throughout 2020, and we know a thing or two about engaging with influencers, media, and consumers through the internet. If you’re hosting a virtual influencer event anytime soon, here are some things to keep in mind to make it a success!


Promote the Event

When your whole life now occurs from your laptop, some may not want to be spending more time than they have to on it, so you have to make sure your event stands out and is providing value. Hone in on those key selling points and what is going to make your event different from others. Through your marketing, highlight what you will be providing and tell influencers why they should attend. Be sure to get your invitation out early and promote the event through all your social platforms. Virtual public relations is only getting easier with all the social networks we’re connected to!


Prepare for Tech Troubles

I think we all know the troubles of being virtual by now. From slow wifi and computer screens freezing, to not so tech savvy guests, you’ve got to be prepared for all types of tech troubles. If you are holding the event, we suggest testing your Internet connection and speakers before, as well as possibly connecting to an Ethernet cable for the best connection. Be sure to provide your guests with sufficient directions to access your event and any type of “hotline” they can contact if they are facing problems as well.


Choose the Right Time

Even though it’s great being able to have as many people as you’d like on the event, including those that may be international, make sure to be cognizant of when your event will be taking place. As influencers tuning in may be from all over the world, note the time zone changes and optimal time for your particular event. You want to choose a time and day that as many influencers as possible can attend, so planning out the logistics is key! Maybe even send out an Instagram poll to receive feedback on the most convenient time!


Think Outside the Box

The one big downside of attending virtual events is the disconnect influencers might feel, and the cookie-cutter similarities to other online events. Since you’re not able to chat with others or feel the presence of everyone in the room, try to think of unique ways to bring more life into your event. Can you send them a box of goodies before the event that will enhance the experience? What if you send a VR headset for an augmented reality set? Will you have an interactive Q&A section of the day? If you provide these opportunities to engage, no doubt your guests will want to be present! Also, don’t forget to take advantage of the raise hand button, the chat box, and any other sort of interactive features on social media or your host site. It’ll make the event that much more fun!


Hope we were able to help you get ready for your next virtual event and wishing you the best of luck! To learn more about influencer marketing with our public relations agency, click here.