How to Successfully Cold Pitch to Media

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Cold pitching to media outlets is a way for public relations firms to connect their clients to a multitude of relevant journalists, editors, and reporters. The goal of the pitch is to grab the attention of the desired contact and secure a press placement. Here at BLND, we’ve cultivated the most effective steps to writing a cold pitch that will land you that desired brand exposure.


Do Your Homework

The first step to writing a successful pitch is thorough research about the client/brand you are representing. Knowing the brand inside and out will make the pitch sound authentic and detailed, allowing the brand’s distinct identity to shine. 


Eye Catching Pitch Idea

Once you are an expert on the brand you are representing, it’s time to relate the brand to what’s relevant to the world around us. Having a pitch idea with a theme that correlates to a certain time of year, an upcoming holiday, pop culture movement, or otherwise newsworthy topic will make your pitch sound fresh and reflective of how the brand is up-to-date with current trends. 


Short and Sweet

Make your presence known by first introducing yourself and the brand you are representing. If you are with a public relations firm, make note of that as well. After a short but concise introduction, dive into the angle you are pitching them. Create a pitch that is short and sweet, as the purpose of what you are writing is to grab the attention of the reader and motivate them to learn more about the brand and what they have to offer to the marketplace. 


Relevant Media

To guarantee a high-quality placement, research different media outlets to find the perfect fit. Additionally, you don’t want to pitch to a journalist that doesn’t write about your brand’s industry. Find journalists that write articles about similar topics and keywords mentioned in your pitch, and contact those authors directly. Creating this personalized media list will increase the chances of getting a response and connecting to a targeted audience. 


Follow Up

The final step in a successful cold pitch is to follow up on all the pitches sent out. Everyone has a busy schedule, so following up with the contact helps remind and emphasize the great fit between the brand you are representing and the media outlet. Generally, waiting about one to two weeks for a follow up email is acceptable. Additionally, this is a great place to mention any details that didn’t make the cut in the original pitch. Remember to offer to answer any questions, set up an interview, or jump on a call. 


Through a combination of strategic targeting and a perfectly written pitch, a public relations firm can increase a client’s brand awareness and engagement with the public exponentially.


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