How to Incorporate IGTV for Your Brand

social media strategy

Just when you thought your brand had solidified its social media strategy, Instagram launches yet another feature to drive real business results. IGTV enables you to take your Instagram presence up a notch by delivering long form video series to your audience (without that one minute time limit of regular posts). Your company can build engagement, collaborate with influencers and other brands, and connect with your audience in a whole new, more in depth, way. We compiled the top 5 IGTV tips to help your brand up its social media strategy and ensure IGTV to be a powerful tool for your success. 


Decide On Your Angle 

Similar to your Instagram page as a whole, you want to identify the main goal of your IGTV. Decide on the purpose of your video(s) and then write, edit, and record with that specific purpose in mind. Keeping the format and information relevant and consistent to your audience and brand will entice viewers to return because they know what to expect and look forward to your content.


Find that Sweet Spot 

Just because IGTV videos can be 10 minutes long, does not mean filming for the entirety is your brand’s best move. Keep viewers engaged and interested by aiming for a 2-5 minute video. Although some IGTVs may call for a longer video, your audience’s short attention span is something worth keeping in mind. Plus, by keeping it short and sweet, viewers will be left wanting more. 


Keep Content Engaging 

When creating your videos, pay attention to the details. Focus on the visual aesthetic, setting, video quality, location, theme, sound, lighting, etc. IGTV is built for vertical video, so keep that in mind when shooting footage. Additionally, aesthetically appealing and high quality video will draw viewers’ attention from the start. 


Produce Purposefully 

The first 15 seconds should hook your audience by giving them a preview of what is in store. It is important to remember that a one minute IGTV preview can be featured as a post on your IG feed. Therefore, just before that one minute mark, include a cliff hanger so Instagrammer’s click to continue watching. Finally, your video should end with a call to action or reason for viewers to be awaiting your next IGTV video.   


Promote, Promote, Promote! 

With each IGTV video release, promote it like it is your first one ever! This is your opportunity to reach new people and increase views. When titling your video, the first three words are key — make them catchy and intriguing. A few days prior to the premier, create a teaser to build anticipation, post an Instagram sticker countdown on your story, promote on other platforms, and get other people posting about it. 


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