Public Relations: Expectations vs. Reality

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When entering the public relations world, we are full of expectations, whether we are professionals or clients. Although expectations can be a great source of inspiration, they sometimes can be harmful to both the client and the professional because they might be unattainable. As a LA pr agency, we want to help set the record straight and help level these expectations with authentic versions of them.  


Expectation #1: “I want to be the cover story of X outlet!”

Reality: It is fantastic that our clients, like ourselves, have such huge goals! They will make everyone involved thrive for the best. The truth is, it might be harder to pitch the cover story to an outlet. With that being said, it is something that is not impossible but will take time. When it comes to pitching, it is all about trusting your instinct and PR team. Because trust us, this is something we want to achieve for you! 


Expectation #2: “If I hire a PR team, my sales will go up!”

Reality: Unfortunately, this is a common misconception about public relations. While they both share the similarity of supporting the client, they have different purposes. Although pitching efforts can mention a product or service, it is all meant to help connect with the journalists and allow them to see why your pitch is newsworthy and important to them. We have deep-dived into marketing and public relations and their key differences. The bottom line is that public relations is not meant to help with sales. 


Expectation #3: “We just want one press hit!”

Reality: Having one press hit is terrific! But, there is significant importance for your PR team and your business to have more than just one press hit. As mentioned as expectation #1, everyone wants one major outlet, and that’s it. The great thing about public relations is the connections we can build between journalists from different outlets. What better way to begin building a solid relationship with your desired audience than securing press in their reading outlets? From major outlets to even more niche-based outlets, these press hits are critical regarding public relations. 


Just like any significant goal, we all have expectations. Expectations are a great way to strive for inspiration, motivation, and elevation for the public relations professional and client. But when it comes to expectations, it is essential to bring in a line of reality that will benefit the client and your public relations team. 

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