How to Utilize TikTok for Your Business

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With around 800 million active users worldwide, TikTok is the newest social media site to gain viral traction. A new social media site means that businesses want to find a way to use the site to grow their brand’s capital. TikTok is a simple application with two main sides to the app. One side is called the “For You Page” where users see trending videos and the “Following” page where users see TikToks made by people they follow. This two-sided interface makes social media for business on TikTok easy. Here we break down three ways you can use TikTok for your brand.


Original Content

TikTok is known for being more laid back and a place to express yourself compared to other platforms. Instagram photos and Facebook updates are always curated and tasteful, but TikTok is more freeing and creative than other social media for business. As long as you stay authentic to your brand, it is easy to create TikToks that show off your company. If you know the trending songs and the lighthearted nature of the app, keep your videos short with music and hashtags that are popular. Another great advantage is that TikTok is not oversaturated like Facebook, so your content can quickly go viral. 


Paid Advertising

Brands can pay to have their TikToks be the first users see when they open the application. These are like advertisements on youtube where users can skip it after so many seconds. For example, Hollister recently had a paid advertisement with Charlie Damelio, who has 70 million followers. In the TikTok Charlie simply did a dance in Hollister clothing. Charlie’s Hollister dance was a hit. 


Hashtag Campaigns

A popular way brands have gained traction and popularity is through hashtag campaigns. This incentives users to make a video using their hashtag with the hopes of winning a prize. Colgate recently had a hashtag campaign titled #makemomsmile, where users posted videos that their mom would like. If it gains popularity, it can spread quickly. It also allows the user individually and to use the challenge to create their original content. 


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