Apps To Create The Perfect Instagram Aesthetic

Creating a cohesive and consistent Instagram aesthetic can sometimes be stressful. Adjusting, cropping, finding the right filter and making each photo match the rest of your images all takes time. Luckily, there are tons of apps to help make the process easier.

First of all, you have to determine what look you are trying to go for. Will it be bright and colorful? Dark and gloomy? Minimal or busy? There are infinite ways to design an Instagram feed for every type of person.

Here are some apps that can be useful to achieve and maintain your ideal Instagram aesthetic:

  • VSCO: This app is very versatile due to its various filters and editing tools available and arguably one of the most popular photo editing apps for Instagram. It has a variety of filters, giving you a great selection to choose from that you ought to find one that perfectly fits your theme. VSCO also helps in adjusting the color of shadows/highlights to give a photo a certain tint and more.
  • Lightroom: The Lightroom mobile app is also a dream to work with when editing your photos. This app gives you the flexibility to adjust almost everything on your photo. Although there are no set filters to choose from, downloading or creating your own presets is possible and can be saved to simply paste onto other photos. Lightroom makes it easier to pinpoint certain colors from your image and adjust the saturation or luminance to your preference. Not to mention the mobile app is free!
  • Facetune: Facetune is essentially Photoshop for your smartphone. The perks of Facetune is that you have the ability to edit out any unwanted items in your picture. Mostly used for portrait selfies, Facetune can remove blemishes, smooth skin, whiten teeth, reshape, blur and defocus. Pro tip: The whitening tool can help brighten white spaces on your images.
  • Snug: This app lets you upload future posts and move them around to a place that seems fit. It gives you the chance to see how your photos would look like before you post.
  • Planoly: Planoly offers the same tools as Snug, but this app can actually help you schedule your posts ahead of time, which is really handy for business purposes.  Furthermore, Planoly notifies you when you wish to post or set it to auto-post which is super convenient when managing multiple accounts.

Instagram has now become an outlet for creativity when it comes to visual content. Finding your perfect aesthetic can help you stand out from the normal daily users and these apps can give you the tools to achieve just that.