Tips to Help You Create Your Personal Brand Online

personal brand

It’s no secret that branding applies to people as well as companies. But who needs a personal brand, and how do you go about creating one? The truth is, we all have a personal brand! It’s the way you refine and present this personal brand that can make or break your success. Public relations agencies like BLND are experts at skillfully communicating personal brand stories, and we’re here to offer a few tips for translating your own personal brand online.


Focus In On Your Passion

What motivates and inspires you? Share about it! Establish key ideas and concepts directly relevant to your passion and emphasize them in the copy you post online. Settling into your personal voice will help you find some consistency in the way you communicate with your audience, whether it be educational, uplifting, bold, or empowering. If you truly believe in what you’re saying, your message will translate as genuine and authentic to your audiences. A totally manufactured image is not likely to bring you fulfillment or get past your audience for long– build your brand around your true passions!


Find Outlets to Expand Your Brand’s Reach

Plug the brand concepts and keywords you established into your writing across all platforms, making it clear who you are and what your mission is on your social profiles or published pieces. This will spread consistent awareness of your personal brand, positioning yourself with a strong identity across multiple channels. Here at BLND, we help our clients participate in the online platforms best fitting their brands, and work with them to share their voice on these platforms in meaningful, consistent ways. Once you’ve found your voice, use it wherever you are present online to make your brand clear and distinguishable. How cool would it be for your audience to recognize your work without even checking the byline? That’s what an expansive and consistent reach can help you achieve!


Allow for Evolution

A personal brand should be just that– personal. Don’t be afraid to allow your personal brand room to grow and change with you. Speaking from a genuine place in your heart and in your values may look different as time goes on, and a loyal audience will stick with you on your journey. Unlike typical corporate branding, a personal brand is centered around who you are as a human being and sharing your personal ideas and inspirations with others. Not to mention, online platforms and communication strategies are ever-changing in the public relations industry. This will likely call for some changes in how and where you spread your message, so stay updated and on the pulse of media trends and innovations!

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