Social Influencers on Twitter

Social Influencers

Finally the hover-board trend has officially died down, but haven’t you wondered why those silly segway things became so popular? Ah, the power of social influencers. Brand influencers, particularly millennial Vine users and self-starters, may be one of your company’s most important marketing tools.

Teen Vine stars have become so influential that they’ve even captured Twitter’s attention. Twitter recently conducted a data analysis to see just how influential these social media millennials actually are. The result? More than you expected.

Vine stars have recently become their own category of celebrity. There is even a convention every year, just for these stars. So what does this telling data mean for your brand? Vine stars are not for every brand, but, for the right brand, they are a secret weapon. Millennials view these social influencers as real people, not celebrities. The products they’re selling, teenagers are buying. Wouldn’t you buy that cool new toy your friend has been tweeting about? Exactly! We saw this movement happening in front of our eyes, but thank you Twitter, for reaffirming our beliefs that teenagers are taking over Twitter and becoming our branding secret weapon.

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