Brands We Love on Instagram


Instagram brands are are favorite to follow these days. Since being introduced in 2010, Instagram has drastically evolved many big name brands’ marketing game. This online mobile photo and video sharing social networking site is home to nearly 90 million monthly active users, which makes it a popular platform for many companies to use. However, Instagram is a skill that must be mastered. With 71% of the world’s top brands on Instagram, some companies are more effective than others. What are they doing that sets them apart from the pack? We’ve put together a list of 4 awesome brands who are at the top of their Instagram game and what they’re doing right!

If there’s one word that could describe Starbucks’ Instagram brands account, it would be worldly. With over 20,000 stores throughout the world, loyal Starbucks customers can use the hashtag #WhereInTheWorld to post pictures of them enjoying their coffee. This account brings people together from all over the world who share one common love. By featuring certain accounts and customers, it creates a testimony of how loyal and passionate people are about their Starbucks.

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Victoria’s Secret
One thing Instagram users like seeing more than a Victoria’s Secret photoshoot is behind-the-scenes action. Posting behind-the-scene photos and videos interests users which makes it more likely for them to engage. In addition, Victoria’s Secret does a great job posting photos of their products which increases a loyal fan base. Take note because this Instagram account is way more than a lingerie line.

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National Geographic
No brand on Instagram posts more breath-taking photography than National Geographic. With over 11 million followers, NatGeo will take users on a wild, yet educational, adventure all around the world. Their unique, one-of-a-kind photos captivate users and keep them wanting more.

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There’s way more than black and while to this classic cookie on this Instagram account. This brand shares many creative images and videos of what people are doing with their Oreos. From Halloween pumpkins to cheesecake Oreo bites, the recipes on this site are a great way for users to engage and make their very own Oreo creations to share.

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