How to Get More Instagram Followers + Likes

instagram followers

Everyone wants more instagram followers these days.  The popular photo-sharing application is growing exponentially with more than 300 million users and sky-high user engagement levels.  Whether you’re building your own personal Instagram account or building on behalf of a company,  posting your photos can be done strategically to generate more followers and likes.  Here’s how:

1)   Post consistently: Posting photos regularly will build a loyal audience.  It’s important to develop and stick to a rhythm so that your audience knows when and what to expect.  Accounts with the highest number of fans tend to post up to 2 or 3 photos per day on average.  Post frequently, but don’t forget to maintain high quality posts!

2)   Use hashtags: #but #not #like #this.  Hashtags are important because it targets your audience and maximizes your posts viewing potential but let’s not get carried away. Stick to hashtags that are relevant, describe your brand, and are easily searchable on Instagram.  To find relevant hashtags, see

3) Respond to followers: Playing hard to get might work for dating but this will never work in the Instagram world.  The best way to get more instagram followers and foster a relationship and conversation is by responding to any comments and questions as quickly as possible.  Making effort to build rapport will gain you support and loyalty.  It’s also important to comment on other follower’s posts—it’s nice, but it’s also a great way to expand your social media presence.

4) Show your personality: Put some personality into your posts and make your viewers want to come back for more.  Even a weak photo can make an amazing post as long as the caption is great.  “Pretty sunset #sunsets” can be pretty boring for your instagram followers.  Not only is it vague, but it lacks character.  Followers want to see a brief who, what, where, when, and why.  A good caption will briefly share where the sunset was taken, who your viewing the sunset with, etc.

5) Take good pictures: Photo quality is important.  Afterall, Instagram is all about visual representation. Fancy camera and lenses are nice but not necessary.   Good photos can be taken as long as you understand the basic photographing principles:

– Shoot in natural lighting: try and stay away from the fancy filters and shoot in naturally lit areas.  Avoid over and under illumination.

– Create a consistent style: If you do use the filters, try not to use them at it’s maximum effectiveness.  Bring down the opacity to create tones and exposures that work well for your style.  In other words, don’t use 30 different filters for 30 different photos.

– Take photos that showcase you:  If you take the time to look around, you’ll find something so simple to be aesthetically pleasing.