Ten Tips from Top Beauty Influencers

With beauty advice being widespread and easily accessible online, it can be overwhelming to know which tips and tricks actually work, and are worth investing your time and money on. As a lifestyle and beauty public relations agency based in Los Angeles and New York, we get the opportunity to work with – and learn from – the top beauty and wellness influencers and bloggers in the industry. We’ve reached out to a few of our favorites to compile the best beauty tips right now, to help cut through the clutter and start prioritizing now.


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1. Look In The Mirror

Fresh Beauty brand ambassador, avid skincare lover, and beauty blogger Matt Woodcox of DirtyBoysGetClean told us simply and soundly to “examine your skin in the mirror daily, it will show you what it needs.” Whether you’re choosing between a vitamin C or A serum, or deciding on which concealer in your makeup arsenal to use, let your mirror show you what your skin needs most. 


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2. Consider The Season

“As the weather transitions from winter to spring and summer, ditch those heavy moisturizers and look for hydrating toners, essences and serums,” advises master Esthetician, Julie, of PDXBEAUTIFUL. The skincare expert goes on to explain that using several lightweight, hydrating layers can provide enough moisture during warm weather. One of our favorite lightweight, hydrating essences is Jurlique’s Activating Water Essence.


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3. Invest In Skin Tools

NYC beauty blogger and skincare guru, Stephanie Zheng, of CollectionOfVials is a big fan of facial lifting tools to relieve facial and jaw tension and promote manual lymphatic drainage. She gushes, “My skin always looks so much brighter afterwards!” Shop our favorite microcurrent roller, ReFa’s bestselling CARAT Face, here.


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4. Commit To The Right Products

“Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peels changed my life and helped combat my two-year stint with adult acne, ” enthuses lifestyle blogger and always glowing Stephanie Hill of TheStyleBungalow. Finding the right products for your skin is key, while committing to a consistent routine is imperative in getting the skin you want. To incorporate Stephanie’s favorite holy grail product into your own routine, shop them here.


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5. Double Up

When it comes to beauty and skincare, sometimes more is more. Makeup and beauty blogger Beti from makeup-sessions.com recommends double cleansing, especially on days you wear makeup. “I prefer a balm cleanser as a first step and I remove it with a washcloth”, she explains. “That way, you are removing all the makeup while also providing gentle exfoliation. As a second cleanse, you can either use micellar water or another cleanser of your choice.” Shop Sephora’s best selling cleansing balm by clean beauty brand Farmacy here.


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6. Pack In The ZZZ’s

Three-time Emmy Award winning hairstylist, Shannon Bradberry, recommends clocking at least eight hours of sleep each night. “Sleeping is the key to maintaining health and beauty in every aspect” the celebrity hair guru explains. So whether it’s slipping into bed earlier, or pressing  snooze a little longer, make sleep a daily priority to establish a beauty foundation backed by beauty pros and scientists alike.


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7. Radiate From Within

Positivity is not just nice to put out into the world, but also helps you radiate beauty from within. Fitness creator and wellness expert, Katie Austin, promises that “when you radiate happiness and light, you are most beautiful”. She points out that when you choose to be happy and smile often, you can light up any room. And have you seen her? She’s vibrant, always smiling, and definitely a testament to this tangible tip! 


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8. Adopt A Daily Skincare Routine

We all know washing your face before bed is crucial to waking up with clean, glowing, and revitalized skin, but New-York based beauty obsessed Olga Ferrara encourages a daily morning and evening skincare routine. For her, that looks like using a skin-brightening exfoliator and pink clay mask two to three times per week, in addition to a thick, night cream in the evening and a hydrating primer in the morning. For a triple-dose of skincare, try Vitabrid Dual Mask Set for brightening, luminosity, and wrinkle-fighting benefits. 


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9. Consistency Is Key

“No cream is going to magically transform your skin after one use and no workout routine or meal is going to change your body in one day” explains beauty and wellness blogger Viviana Volpicelli. She recommends sticking to a routine or trying a product for six months, which is the same timeframe most skincare trials run for. You may not see results right away, which makes patience also equally important here.


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10. Protect Your Skin

Protecting your skin is crucial in making your beauty and wellness investments worthwhile. Los Angeles-based, mega beauty blogger, Elwa Saleh, encourages wearing SPF “at all times” and spritzing throughout the day to keep skin plump and supple. This advice is two-fold, as a good sunscreen will prevent future skin damage from the sun, while re-hydrating throughout the day will also help prevent signs of aging. Luxury Australian skincare brand, Jurlique, just made their iconic Rosewater Balancing Mist available at Anthropologie, here. For sunscreen, we love Supergoop’s Unseen Sunscreen SPF 40 (bonus – it’s great as a primer, too!).