Our Favorite Instagram Schedulers

instagram scheduler

At this point in the game, social media schedulers are essential. It is very difficult to have a consistent feed, without using scheduling programs for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. With loads of options, we tested out a few of the most popular Instagram schedulers by visually planning accounts.

While there are many applications nowadays floating around, we have decided to share a few of our favorite instagram schedulers. Keep in mind that different brands, will likely thrive with different planning accounts, based on the features most necessary to the particular brand. Lets’ take a look at the differences between each program.

Planoly – On the pricier end, Planoly requires a subscription fee. For management companies, this program is great. The larger monthly fee includes management of multiple Instagram accounts, with multiple managers having access. Planoly is accessed both through the application and website. We love the drag and drop feature, and the direct connection to the actual Instagram account. Planoly provides analytics and allows managers to comment via the app. The one downfall is the application does not post for you, but rather notifies the manager at the scheduled post time.

Mosaico – Unlike the previous programs, Mosaico is only an application, and does not require a subscription fee. A one-time short fee, gives a lifetime of access to the account. Like all other iPhone applications, Mosaico allows users to schedule post times and receive notifications, but not post directly to Instagram. One of our favorite features is the drag and drop, which includes a history of the feed for visual planning.

Plann – Plann also only requires a one-time fee for fulltime use. Plann is only a visually planning application, but does not include a history of one’s timeline. Plann is however, extremely easy to use and also notifies the user when it is time to post. This is the simplest of the applications.