Ken Kragen at CEO Open House

Fremont College was privileged to feature entertainment industry guru, Ken Kragen, who produced the legendary album We are the World, 30 years ago.The historic and groundbreaking We Are the World album was recorded to raise funds for famine relief in Ethiopia, selling over 3 million copies and raising over $64 million dollars for poverty relief in both Africa and the United States. The album brought together megastars like no previous collaboration project ever had, including artists such as Prince, Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Kenny Rogers and more. The album was able to unite people together for a single cause both nation and world wide. We are the World became a movement that was instantly recognizable from coast to coast and the Fremont College community was proud to be a part of its celebration.

Ken generously shared a condensed version of tips and tricks to secure success in an individual’s career, relationships, and business ventures last Tuesday at Fremont College’s Cerritos location. It was during his speech that the students and staff members learned to:

  • Always work in 3’s: leaving multiple impressions in a concentrated period of time creates familiarity for one’s brand, name, and voice.
  • Handwritten Notes are Everything : Handwriting notes are much more personable, they show you genuinely care.
  • Create Opportunity through Negatives: Ken’s most successful clients created their success through a negative situation. Opportunity is hiding all around us.
  • Get caught telling the truth: Ken knows that honesty works because so few do it, so stop investing in lies and tell the TRUTH.
  • Easier to accomplish the impossible than the ordinary: It’s easier to accomplish the impossible because others are more willing to invest in an opportunity that impacts others, rather than doing what everyone else has already done.