Landing Your Dream PR Job: The Resume

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Your resume is the ultimate piece of information where you get to flaunt your skills, achievements, and overall reason why a public relations agency should hire you. Resumes also help your potential employer understand who you are, your work ethics, and what assets you can bring to the table.

When creating your public relations resume, there are a ton of outlets that are not only free but easy to use. To name a few, there are the Google Docs templates, Canva, or even a resume builder site.

Public relations agencies are looking for resumes that are the appropriate length, avoid personal pronouns, reader-friendly, and a focus on transferable skills.

Keep It To One Page

The appropriate length for a resume is one page. It may seem overwhelming to have to fit all the information you have on a single piece of paper but trust us when we say that it’s for the best. According to, it takes approximately 6 seconds for a job recruiter to look at your resume. So be sure to only add the information that is most relevant to the job you’re applying for.

Avoid Personal Pronouns

Avoiding personal pronouns can be tough because, lets face it, this resume is all about you. However, there are ways you can use words that best describe you, without using the word “you”. 

Use Bullets & Lists

When making a “reader-friendly” resume, it’s best to bullet point and make visible the skills you’ve acquired while working at previous jobs. A good rule to use that can also help with keeping your resume at one page, is to make sure your skill sets doesn’t exceed more than 4 bullet points per job experience.

Be Creative

Finally, make yourself stand out! You have skills that you know will work well with the company you’re applying for. So be sure to label everything properly and put them in bullet points so that it’s fast and easy to read when you’ve handed that baby over.

It can definitely be hard creating the perfect resume for that public relations job you’ve been wanting to apply to for so long. There are plenty of websites that have examples of resumes online for someone looking for a job in a public relations agency. However, it’s never a bad idea to have multiple eyes review your resume before you send it out. Be it a friend, family member, even an old professor from college you keep in contact with.


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