Accounts that are Killing it on Snapchat

snapchat stories

Who do you think are the best snapchat accounts to follow? Nowadays, it’s all about innovation. Think about it; most ideas have probably been done before. With that said, the room for creativity is endless. As a social media pr firm, we have definitely been studying other brands and companies to learn how they incorporate Snapchat into their company’s promotion, and use the app to their advantage.

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite brands to follow on Snapchat. These companies help us to think of new creative ways to innovate our use, here at BLND. Take a look below to see what you can learn from these accounts.

MeUndies – Snapchat Stories are called “Stories” for a reason. MeUndies takes their brand on the go and showcases its employees almost as actors in a short story. Rather than sales, MeUndies focuses on storytelling and it’s definitely working.

Everlane – Everlane is killing the community engagement aspect of Snapchat. Every Tuesday they answer audience questions in order to show how much they care about their consumers.

Sour Patch Kids – Sour Patch Kids is also focusing on comedy, rather than actually selling their product. Consumers know this well-known brand but showcasing pranks allows consumers to identify with the brand and make it more approachable.

Burberry – Crossing both the lines of fashion and luxury, Burberry made their brand more attainable, and consumers loved it. Burberry showcased their spring fashion show live on Snapchat, allowing viewers all over the world to take a look.