Landing Your Dream Public Relations Job: The First Day

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So, you’ve done the research, the application, the cover letter, and nailed the interview. You finally landed a job at the best public relations agency ever, and today is your first day. What should you expect? What should you wear? How should you act? While the first day at any job can be nerve-racking, there are ways to be prepared, stress free, and successful right away. Here are some key tips on how you can nail your very first day at your dream public relations job.



Prepare and know your questions.


On your first day, you will learn the ropes of the company you’re working for and take in as much information from the day as you can. Always be ready to be asked questions and ask questions yourself. The best question to ask is how you can be more successful in your role at the public relations agency. This gives you an idea of what your supervisor is expecting of you and what you can expect from the role you were hired for.


Dress appropriately.

Chances are, if you nailed the interview, you already know how the company expects you to dress. However, ensure that before your first day you know what the dress code is, and that you adhere to it – both professionally and socially. You don’t want to underdress, and especially on the first day, it is generally a good idea to dress a little up from the ‘everyday’ work attire they expect.



Show up early.


In order to show up early, you must be fully prepared in the morning. Give yourself enough time from your house to your new job in case there are some bumps that you come across. Once you’ve arrived, be sure to enter the building about 15 to 20 minutes before your day is about to start so you can acquaint yourself with the lobby, staff, and familiarize yourself with the building.



Figure out the social landscape.


Two of the more important ways in succeeding at your dream job is to befriend your co-workers – but also to associate yourself with the right ones. A lot of your co-workers have been working there for years so they’ve already developed cliques. It’s important to establish where you fit in with these cliques and begin to understand the office politics.



Show interest in everyone and the company.


Showing interest in everyone and the company should be a given. Most likely, you were hired at the best public relations agency because of your innate interest in the company. However, while the people you are working with are going to be learning about you, try to learn a little about them too and their role in the agency. It’s not only flattering to them, but it also helps you to do your job better and form positive relationships early on.



Be yourself!


It can be tempting to put on a ‘front’ that you think your employer and coworkers will like. However, your job hired you because of your unique personality and what you can bring to the table. Don’t be afraid to be yourself and let your personality shine.




First days are always nerve-racking and yet equally exciting. For more about the best public relations agency jobs, click here.