Landing Your Dream Public Relations Job: The Interview

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You only have one chance to make a first impression, and this holds true for a job interview. Part of landing your dream public relations job is nailing the interview process and leaving a lasting (positive) impression.  You not only want to ‘dress to impress’ your future employers, but you also want to bring your A game too. Keep reading below to find out what kind of tips we have at our public relations agency for you to use in your future interviews!



The first thing you want to do before your interview is to research the company. Find out who they are, what their mission is, who they represent, and the case studies they’ve successfully completed. They may ask you questions about which case study you enjoyed or whether you know any of the companies they represent so be sure to take your time and study their work.


Anticipate common interview questions

Common questions can range from when you’re about to graduate to what your five year plan is. Just be ready to answer questions so you can give well, thought out answers. It’s also OK to add in your own information if a question isn’t asked during the interview that is relevant to the position. It shows initiative and an outward presence.


Practice, Practice, Practice

It’s normal to get the jitters before an interview takes place. That just shows how much you care about getting your dream public relations job. So, to get over that anxious, jittery feeling, be sure to practice saying your responses out loud. It helps to have mock interviews with friends or family.


Bring your resume, cover letter, and laptop … seriously your laptop too

Even though your future employer will have your cover letter and resume on file, it’s always good to have your own copies at the ready. If you have a portfolio you would like to show them or something that really makes you stand out but can only be shown on your laptop, bring it with you. Explain why you’ve brought it and let them explore the page. Don’t cut in and try to explain what’s going on in your portfolio either; let them ask you questions about it if they’re curious about something in particular.


Always have questions to ask

At the end of every interview, the interviewer always asks the infamous, ‘do you have any questions?’ question. Here are some good questions to ask: 

What is a typical day like at the office like? 

What kind of attire is preferred in the workplace? 

What are the skills and experiences you’re looking for in an ideal candidate? 

What are the biggest challenges that someone in this position would face?


Interviews can be intimidating and daunting but with these few tips, you’re sure to nail your interviews in the future!


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