Let’s Get Trending: A Social Media Marketing Guide For Video Content

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Content creation is in high demand nowadays. Brands and businesses are in constant need of high-quality images and videos that bring value to their audience and ultimately lead them to their services or products. TikTok brought video content to the forefront and Instagram has followed suit, shifting the platform’s focus to video content as well. More than ever, brands are searching for the best ways to create the video content they need to succeed. As a social media marketing agency, we’re sharing our top tips for video content creation that can help you trend!


Use Relevant, Yet Trending Audios

Our first tip is when it comes to posting TikToks and Instagram reels, it’s crucial to utilize the trending audios on each platform to maximize your video’s reach. Try syncing your video clips to a fast paced audio or use a trending sound to showcase your brand’s personality in a way that relates back to your offerings. 


Provide Value

Next tip, when brainstorming video content for your brand or business, think about the value you can provide your audience. Create videos that showcase how to use your product, highlight services you offer, or share a testimonial that explains the benefits of your product. 


Focus on Quality 

Lastly, Social media moves fast and by now, everyone knows to post frequently and consistently. While quantity is a factor to growing on social media, quality is too. In order to make an impact with your brand’s video content, focus on providing high quality content with the purpose of your video and the physical quality of your videos. 


Content creation is the best way for your brand to be able to express themselves and grow. We as a social media marketing agency have been tracking the influence of content creation and how it has drastically changed over time. Video content creation has now been supplemented by many brands and influencers

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