Why Live Streaming is Beneficial for Brands

Live streaming has grown significantly in the past years as more and more brands are using it as a tool to connect with their audiences. As a boutique public relations agency, we have increasingly incorporated live streaming into our client campaigns. This tool can be used in significant ways, as it is a time to be transparent with your audience and truly be authentic rather than commercialized. Live content is richer and more personal, giving you more interactions and feedback from users watching. There are many live streaming platforms that are useful nonetheless. So, here is a simple guide on how and why live streaming your brand can be beneficial:

Choosing your platform:

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have become the top live streaming platforms. Social media has become the best place to promote your brand easily and effectively – refer to our blog on businesses using social media for more details. Live streaming on these platforms is as simple as clicking a button to start the magic.

Take a look at how some brands are utilizing these platforms to get the word out.


How-to videos can be a great way to interact with your customers and give any insights on your products.  HelloFresh created an interactive live cooking show where customers can cook along with them while getting expert tips and questions answered on the spot.


A sense of urgency can give people the impulse to buy products. The clothing brand has utilized Instagram Live to promote exclusive deals and giveaways for a limited time. Users would have to click on the link through Instagram, while streaming to unlock the deals.


Featuring Influencers on your live stream is another tactic that can make your brand more fun and relatable. Shopify invites their most well-known influencers to take over their Instagram live videos to show the audience that they are indeed a cool company to follow. By having influencers film a “day in the life” or answer a few questions from the audience will bring you closer to them.


If you are launching a brand new product worthy of attention, Twitter has given brands the platform to showcase them. Apple held their annual keynote on Twitter live as well as their official website to unveil its newest products, giving users the opportunity to tweet live and share their opinions.

Live streaming is undoubtedly a very useful and innovative method of engaging with audiences. Any and every brand can make this platform work for them. As a boutique public relations agency, even we are planning on incorporating live streaming to reveal behind-the-scenes photoshoots, events and more!