What To Look For In A Los Angeles Hospitality PR Firm

Los Angeles Hospitality PR Firm

A Los Angeles Hospitality PR Firm is a dime a dozen in a city that thrives on tourism, is host to the entertainment and tech industry, and prides itself in the health and wellness sector with our green juices, scenic retreats, and active community.

But how can you decide what Los Angeles Hospitality PR Firm is right for your business? We’ve come up with a four question guide to help you evaluate the best plan of action when searching firms for your public relation or social media needs.

What is Hospitality PR?
Many people don’t know the difference between the types of firms that exist. Most firms have specializations such as lifestyle, tech, fashion, and corporate business to name a few. The best way to distinguish a Los Angeles Hospitality PR Firm is to read their mission statement and value proposition. If the firm states that they serve hospitality clients such as hotels, travel and tourism, spa and wellness – then you are in the right place! However, if the website does not blatantly scream, “HEY WE’RE A LOS ANGELES HOSPITALITY PR FIRM,” look next to see if they serve lifestyle clients. Hospitality and lifestyle run the same gamut.

What is the focus of your needs?
Not all Los Angeles Hospitality PR Firms have the experience to manage your company’s needs or there are firms that only handle very niche industries; for example, Los Angeles Hospitality PR Firms that only focus on Los Angeles hotels. Know exactly what you are needing your PR team to focus on in order to find the best firm who can help the brand awareness. Also note: even if a Los Angeles Hospitality PR Firm has never worked with your type of specific business before, doesn’t mean that their tenacity, grit, and contacts are not a good fit for your industry.

What is the Type of Team or Work Methods You Find Beneficial?
Los Angeles Hospitality PR Firms range from corporate, medium, or boutique firms and the work methods also range. Some firms work best with little communication, other firms work better with weekly calls. Know what style works best for you and read up on the firm’s testimonials to get a better idea of how the work methods could be suitable to your PR needs. There are some teams where you have one point person with a silent army behind them, or you have a whole team at your disposal working on all the moving parts who you are in constant contact with. It doesn’t hurt to jump on a call to exchange insights into best practices to see if that firm is a good fit.

Does This Los Angeles Hospitality PR Firm Have Case Studies?
Case Studies will be a huge deciding factor before signing with a Los Angeles Hospitality PR Firm because it showcases their past work with similar clients in your desired industry. Case studies will give in-depth insight into what they did for that client, how they did it, and the outcome. Usually the outcome is press, which helps you see the types of publications they have relationships with and how those relationships can benefit the brand awareness for your business.