Meet the Team: Essie

We are so excited to introduce to you, Essie, another one of our interns this Fall.

Hometown: Sinaloa, Mexico

3 words to describe you: Sarcastic, ambitious, and courageous

Coffee style: Iced latte with almond milk

Most-used Emoji: Laughing-crying emoji 😂

If you could only eat one thing… what would it be? Poke/sushi

What inspires you? My very hardworking parents and following their footsteps in my own unique way.

Spend a day in someone else’s shoes: Emma Watson. I love what she stands for and I find her very intelligent.

Surprise us! I am a huge fan of rock music

Top travel destinations: Barcelona and Telluride, CO

Best advice you’ve ever been given: My dad always says that your mind is like a radio. When you don’t like the tune, you have the power to change it.