Meet the Team: Jade

Name: Jade Rechler

Hometown: Cold Spring Harbor, New York

3 Words To Describe You: Happy, organized, and FUN

Coffee Style: Iced with cream and sugar

Girl Crush: Sophia Bush

What Inspires You: myself

Go-To Way To De-stress: Playing guitar

My Perfect Day Is: Sleeping in, brunch with friends, going on a hike, Sugarfish for dinner (OBVIOUSLY) and wine with my girls!

Source @sugarfishbynozawa
Word You Can’t Stand: Extra

Wardrobe Must-Have: Sweaters

Where Do You See Yourself in 10 Years: (hopefully) married with a bulldog and working in the PR industry in either LA or NY

I Wish The World Had More: Liberals and nice boys

Social Media Accounts You Love To Follow: @fuckjerry, @thefatjewish, @daddyissues, @pizza, @blox_the_bulldog, @jimmy.chew

What Artists Are You Currently Listening To: Phish, the Chainsmokers, Guster (I have a diverse taste in music)

What Has BLND Done For You So Far: BLND has already shown me the multiple different components that go into a PR Campaign or building a buzz around a company